The Creative Community is a family of Creatives who use their gifts to tell stories of God’s faithfulness using all kinds of mediums to help open people’s heart to the gospel.

There are 6 different teams that make up the Creative Community. 

Photography Team

The Photography Team photographs every aspect of our Sunday morning Experience from start to finish. They also use their skills at special church events. The photos taken are used for Social Media, Website, and future promos.

Video Team

The Video team is responsible for our Sunday morning Live feeds. They also use their skills at special church events. The footage that they capture is used for social media, website, and promos.

Production Team

The Production Team works in our tech booth on Sunday mornings. They are responsible for live sound, lighting, and multimedia. They also use their gifts at special events by setting up off site sound and lighting. 

Computer Graphics Team

The Computer Graphics Team creates custom graphics for church series, graphics for sermon notes, and custom worship backgrounds. 

Songwriting Team

The Songwriting Team consist of writers and musicians. They write original songs for our worship team/choir and church. They also write themed songs that go along with church sermon series.

Stage Design Team

The Stage Design Team uses their creativity to design and build staging for our church sermon series. They also design and build staging for special events throughout the year.

If any of these teams sound interesting to you please fill out the form below. We are looking forward to coming together as a community of creatives to reach people for Christ.