We have based our mission program on what Jesus said in Acts 1:8, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere – In Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Jerusalem represents our local community, that includes our monthly pantry program and our “shut-ins” food program. Judea is our feed the homeless ministry in Atlanta, and Samaria represents the work that we currently are involved with in Iaeger West Virginia and Caywood Kentucky. The ends of the Earth are our international mission Trips.

The first Friday of every month we host a local food pantry. We start at 8am packing boxes and end around noon. We give out hundreds of boxes each time. During this time we have a moment of worship and speaking to start the day off!

We also have a “Shut In” ministry where volunteers pack and deliver boxes of food to local shut ins.

The first Tuesday of every month is our Atlanta homeless ministry. A group of volunteers show up early on this day to cook a homemade meal for the homeless in Atlanta. Another group of volunteers show up and leave the church at 5:30 to take the prepared food to Atlanta and minister to the people.

Another opportunity to serve is in Iager West Virginia and Cawood Kentucky. During this trip we go to minister to people in the Appalachian mountains. Iager is known as one of the poorest towns in the U.S.. We take food to these people and minister to them though Vacation Bible School and just loving on them. 

Every year we do a foreign mission trip. We have done trips to Jamaica, Guatemala, and Honduras. We have built many churches in Guatemala and Honduras, along with doing Vacation Bible School for the kids.